Music ~ generally guitar-based tunes

Current Playlist ~ U2, CSNY, Bon Jovi, Journey and other 80’s stuff, Bad Company, Third Day, Daughtry

~ How Great Thou Art, It Is Well, Great Is Thy Faithfulness, O’ Holy Night

Reads ~ The Bible, Shakespeare, Poe, suspense novels or mysteries

TV ~ Sports, Lost, Heroes, CSI, American Idol, Mythbusters

Movies ~ Star Wars IV-VI, the Rocky movies (esp. III & IV), Remember the Titans, The Goonies, Better Off Dead, What About Bob?, The Princess Bride, Conspiracy Theory

Food ~ pasta, juicy grilled steak, swordfish au gratin, brown sugar Chinese ribs from Gold Chopsticks that she’ll drive 35-minutes round trip to pick up, all kinds of fruit, broccoli and Velveeta casserole, and “chubby” mashed potatoes she eats only once or twice a year with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, sour cream and bacon

Dessert ~ hot fudge pudding cake with a mound of whipped cream; strawberry rhubarb pie – hot – with whipped cream or ice cream on top

Locales ~ Richmond because so many friends live there, near mountains or tropical beaches, Fenway Park, wherever her husband is

Starbucks ~ peppermint mocha frapp (although the mocha coconut one they discontinued is much preferred)

Soda ~ Coke, Vanilla Coke, Dr. Pepper

Mixed Drink ~ Pina Colada, light on the rum

Perfume ~ light fruity sprays

Flowers ~ the rare rose, that one bloom in the store so totally different from all the rest

Makeup essential ~ lipstick or mascara, depending

Baseball team
~ Boston Red Sox

Football team
~ Dallas Cowboys, the NE Patriots fall second

Idiosyncrasies ~ painstakingly spooning all of the oat pieces out of her Lucky Charms to save the marshmallows for last


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