About Courtney Vail

Hi. I’m writer, Courtney Vail, hopefully soon-to-be published author. I’m a wife, a mom, an artist, a sports addict, a freak, a geek, a practical joker, a thrill seeker and most importantly, a child of the Most High God. The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts and commentary about books I read. I enjoy various genres, but I mostly crack open suspense/thrillers, mystery and crime, anything weird, commercial fiction or non-fiction related to the craft of writing or Christian living. Feel free to poke around and leave comments or book suggestions.


2 responses to “About Courtney Vail

  1. Hi Courtney

    Happy New Year to you! I trust you are having an enjoyable day. My name is Todd Stepp and I work for BooksChristian.com, here in Franklin, TN. We are a Christian owned & operated company that sells over 200,000 Christian products.

    I have visited cvwriterbookshelf.wordpress.com/ and have noticed that you post book reviews on your blog. I wanted to see if you would be interested in partnering with us, enabling visitors to your blog to purchase books that you review, as well as other books that you may suggest to them (books of the day etc.). In return we would pay you 9% on every sale made. There is very little work that would need to be done on your end, as we provide all the tools to create links and codes that you can post on your blog.

    I would love to discuss this further with you at your earliest convenience. I look forward to hearing from you!


    Todd Stepp

    todd stepp
    e: todd.stepp@bookschristian.com
    p: 615.497.9808
    aim: mctoddstepp

  2. Hello, I am a fellow aspiring author! I read your review of Jose Saramago’s Blindness and feel like if you don’t mind the “screw-the-reader” style but like disorientation, and from a Christian perspective to boot, such as it is, then I believe you will enjoy my book of short stories,


    “The Ache” (lmslms.net/achep1.html) — a mother adapts to the disembodied world after a mishap at a mental hospital
    “Conception” (lmslms.net/conceptionp1.html) — a meditation on the process of thinking of things to write
    “Lecture” (lmslms.net/lecturep1.html) — the power of good advice
    “Kiss” (lmslms.net/kissp1.html) — love, the drug of eternity

    and for something a little different, but related to the idea of disorientation:

    “Towers” (lmslms.net/towersp1.html) — a soldier returns from overseas and learns to not take things so seriously that he rejects God.

    I hope this interests you, thanks!


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